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Simple Self-Care Practices For Your Morning

Make your bed

Completing this simple task first thing in the morning can lead to a feeling of accomplishment, which can set a positive tone for the rest of the day. Also, when we keep our living space organized and tidy, we tend to have the ability to think more clearly and feel less anxious. 

Move your body

Exercise has been shown to reduce stress hormones and stimulate the production of endorphins, otherwise known as “the feel-good hormones.” Starting your day off with some movement, whether that be a walk, some stretching, or a full blown workout, can also increase energy levels, making us more alert during the day and better able to fall asleep at night.

Drink lemon water

Drinking lemon water is not only a great way to support healthy digestion, but it also provides an opportunity to practice mindfulness. Try to sit down while you’re drinking. Bring your awareness to your senses – what do you taste, feel, see, smell, hear? This simple moment of mindfulness can help reduce stress and ground us more throughout the day. 

Get direct sunlight 

Getting direct sunlight upon waking has been shown to help increase alertness during the day. It also increases the brain’s release of serotonin, which boosts mood and helps us feel calm and focused. 

Journal for 5 minutes

The morning can be a hectic time for many people. Take a moment to jot down what’s on your mind or what you have to do that day. Getting these thoughts down on paper helps relieve anxiety and can make us feel more prepared to take on the day. 

Eat a nourishing breakfast

Eating a nourishing breakfast provides us with the energy we need to feel good and get through our day. Try to eat foods that are satisfying and nutritious (think protein, fiber + healthy fats). By doing so, you’re less likely to snack as much throughout the morning or experience spikes in blood sugar, which can affect mood and energy levels.

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